Need long distance raw milk delivery?
Let's bridge the gap.
We're intent on increasing access to raw milk across the world. The first phase of this program is to find out who wants it now, so we're surveying demand.
If your nearest source is more than an hour drive away, add yourself to the list.

Join the waiting list

To protect your privacy, we're only requiring an email address as a point of contact. Create a throwaway if you need to, just make sure you're reachable through the one you submit.
Once enough people in your area have signed up to justify a milk run in your area, from the farmer or otherwise, we'll contact you with details.
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Hard time finding milk?

You're not alone.

Raw dairy is growing in popularity. Those who make the switch rarely turn back.

Due to an unkind fluke in the law, raw milk sales are harshly regulated. Explore how various jurisdictions treat raw milk sales in our Raw Milk Law Library.

Many people don't have access to raw milk as a result. That might be why you're here now. Whether raw milk is outlawed in your state, or if there aren't any dairies close enough for regular trips, long distance driving is common to get the goods.

Good news is: you can drive that distance, buy your raw milk, and bring it back home.

You can also have a friend go and make the trip for you...

Bringing back the milk man

Going the extra mile.

The strategies will depend mostly on local laws. We won't be breaking the laws with this, just exploiting them to the max

Serving Legal States

Raw milk is already be legal in many places that are still far for regular trips. In those cases, farmers usually just need to see enough demand in an area to make the drop themselves. We get those emails, send them to the farmer, and you guys organize the milk drop.

Example: New farm opened up in Washington. There's an underserved area that someone's been asking me about, just too far to drop off a few gallons, but they're still the closest. Farmer tells me she needs to drop off 30 gallons in a drop for it to make sense.

Serving other locations

If the farmer is unable or inable to make the drop himself, ride-sharing works too. Think UberEats or DoorDash, except the drivers are moving raw milk and can afford to own a house if the demand is steady.

These drivers could be one of the milk seekers, whose milk supply will pay for itself by carrying a load of back for others.

In some areas, demand will be adequate to provision one or many careers out of this. In other areas, it might be more off the cuff and on-demand.

The goal here is to empower our people, fellow raw dairy enjoyers, to own viable businesses serving a just cause. The bootleggers we activate now will energize the places that need it most and drive this movement into new territory.

How can you help now?

We need demand ready to go.

To get this ball rolling, we need a head count of all the people looking to buy.

Once enough people in an area express interest, we can attract bootleggers.

These volunteers need to be compensated for their efforts and well. For this to happen there needs to be enough buyers.

Four pieces of info will help us convince someone to make the trip:

  • Your email address
  • Your general location
  • What you're looking to buy
  • How much you're looking to buy
  • How often you'll need a drop

Tell everyone near you to do the same so we can get these numbers up and begin servicing your area.

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