FDA - Fresh Dairy Admin - New Shirt Designs - August 24th 2021

August 25, 2021

New shirt designs dropped.

10% off promo code (expires 2021/09/18): HONSEPASTE

The Aurochs Stamp

Link: https://get-raw-milk.creator-spring.com/listing/get-raw-milk-auroch-stamp

Fresh Dairy Admin, blank back:

Link: https://get-raw-milk.creator-spring.com/listing/fda-fresh-dairy-admin-grm

Fresh Dairy Admin, Aurochs on the back:

Link: https://get-raw-milk.creator-spring.com/listing/fresh-dairy-admin-front-back

Buying shirts and sending donations helps keep this project going. Any and all contributions are appreciated. To send a tip directly and see other ways you can support Get Raw Milk, visit getrawmilk.com/support

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