Grass land health visualized: the difference between untilled vs tilled soil

January 22, 2021

Photo: Untilled land with wild grasses on the left, land tilled for grass crops on the right.

No-till soil vs tilled soil

The no-till soil is alive and can feed us in perpetuity. The tilled soil may feed us for now, but ultimately the broken root structures and subsequent runoff puts the soil on the path to becoming a clay desert that won’t feed us.

Non-tilled soil contains more biodiversity; more organisms of bug, plant, and fungi. All help in fixing water and carbon dioxide into the soil.

When you’ve broken up the plant roots and mycelium structures; the sand, stone, rocks, and clay solidify into clumps. Water is no longer trapped in the ground and runs off creating a drier sterile environment. Without continual, artificial maintenance tilled land will become a desert.

All you have to do is not till it. Allow animals to graze on the grasses, dropping their in-house fertilizer naturally. Your soil will increase in value instead of decreasing in value and accumulating maintenance costs.

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