Life as a subscription service, the goal of Science™

December 27, 2020

The primary threat of dictatorship by Science™ is not any particular side effect of the products that you will be forced to consume.

It’s a transition of modes, one from interacting with them on a remedial basis to a tethered relationship. Most people visit a doctor when they need one, the corporate medical establishment wants to dictate when you will interact with them and their services.

You will not see a doctor (the priesthood class of Science™) only when you need one, but when “your update is ready,” as determined by them.

This began long ago with annual checkups, the physician’s recurring revenue scheme. If you do annual checkups, which aren’t currently mandatory, you may have noticed non-health related questions like “do you keep any guns in the house?”

What you’ve seen in 2020 is not the beginning of them pushing to make such interactions mandatory. Once required, they will become more frequent and invasive. The proposed vaccs passport is an obvious example of this.

This is already the norm in sectors where the government has complete control, ie the military. If you’re enlisted in the armed forces, you don’t have an option whether or not you will take the jab.

That’s guaranteed income for Corporate America. Imagine how much deeper their pockets will get, and how further they’ll be able to go, when they have the same control over you.

Need a metaphor?

Imagine if your phone stopped working if you decided to delay or reject an update. Now replace the phone in this example with your lifestyle, and ultimately your life.

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