New Zealand Ministry shakes down nine undocumented raw milk farms

December 24, 2020

Nine undocumented raw milk farms are under attack from New Zealand federal agencies in the final month of 2020, criminal charges have been filed against the farmers.

During the raids, 62 compliance officers seized everything from client lists to computer hard drives.

Typical tricks

“Public health” is the leading language of this article:

“Nine raw milk suppliers accused of putting consumer health at risk are facing criminal proceedings.”

Later, it appears this persecution is all about the money:

“However, it’s alleged some suppliers found a loophole to avoid the associated compliance costs, which are said to be between $10,000 and $20,000.

A briefing to former Food Safety Minister Damien O’Connor, obtained by Stuff earlier this year, stated the ministry was losing about $60,000 and $75,000 a year since the new regulations came into play.”

What’s in a pound of flesh?

Cost prohibitive government policies conveniently help big businesses snuff out small local producers. A small family farmer who works hard to provide a good product might not be able to afford thousands of dollars of government-approved equipment. That’s the point.

2020 showed us just how much the wealth of major corporations swells when small businesses alone are forced to close their doors.

The raw milk farmer’s practices might even be more stringent than mandated, but that doesn’t matter. The farmer doesn’t meet the arbitrary requirements, so the guns come out and charges are laid.

No evidence was presented that anyone was harmed by any food from these farms, by the way.

Locals chime in

From Facebook:

…it’s pretty clear in the article that it’s about money rather than consumers’ health. They weren’t raided by the any health department or agriculture peeps but the ministry of primary industries. The company that pasteurizes and otherwise treats milk here in NZ (Fonterra) has quite a monopoly.

Final word to the farmer

Phillippa Martin, who owns MannaMilk with husband John, is defending their operation, south of Levin, as safer than what the law mandates.

She was unaware the charges had been laid when Stuff contacted her on Friday morning.

Martin was shocked the ministry had released the information publicly without notifying the affected suppliers.

A ministry spokesman said charges were filed in the courts before defendants were notified. This could take days or weeks.

Martin said lawyers had advised them the ministry didn’t have jurisdiction over a limited partnership model. But the system is untested in court.

We’ll see what happens.

Source article and photo credit:, Charges laid against nine raw milk suppliers after 12-month investigation

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