Olde Infographic: Common Breeds of Beef and Dairy Cows

August 12, 2021

From P. H. Bean & Son, LiveStock Auctioneers. Founded in 1888, presumably in the USA: Common Breeds of Beef and Dairy Cows

Representative Types of Cattle

  1. Holstein-Friesian cow
  2. Shorthorn cow (calf)
  3. Wilstermarch bull
  4. Vosges cow
  5. Ansbach bull
  6. Jersey cow
  7. Hereford bull
  8. Allgasier (?) cow
  9. Guernsey cow
  10. Simmental bull
  11. Hungarian Gray bull
  12. Angler cow
  13. Charolais cow
  14. Holstein-Friesian bull
  15. Brown Swiss cow

Not sure if the company is still around, haven’t been able to find their website if they are. Preserving this here for posterity just in case.

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