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Advancing web technology for the greater food is brought to you by Inland Applications. Inland App builds apps, advanced websites, custom plugins, and dedicated software solutions for small businesses.

Inland App specializes in building web tech infrastructure for skilled trade companies in the construction industry. We believe in small business. With our web tech skills, we can help your small business grow.

We're also passionate about good local food and want our local agricultural communities to thrive. is one way we seek to give back to the ones who fill our plate.

Making positive change easy

With the advent of Get Raw Milk, finding local raw dairy farmers is easier than ever before. Farmers are gaining new customers, and people find new sources of good local food. We believe that makes the world a richer and more secure place.

The GRM project started out as Washington Raw Milk. Expanding across the United States with GRM, we were able to gain more support for the cause. Now we're taking it global.

Do you need web or other software development services?

Support GetRawMilk by choosing Inland Applications as your web and technology professional.

  • Advanced Websites
  • Custom Website Plugins
  • Custom Mobile Apps
  • Custom Web Apps
  • Custom Hybrid Apps
  • Database Management
  • Business Automation
  • Fast and Secure Web Hosting

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