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Updated: January 23, 2023

Raising the cottage food producer gross sales cap and allowing direct-to-consumer raw milk sales in Washington

Read more: Washington bills to increase cottage food cap and allow direct-to-consumer raw milk sales

HB 1500 – Increasing the cap for cottage food sales

Title: Increasing the cap on gross sales for cottage food operations.

Sponsors: Representatives Eslick, Chapman, Jacobsen, Ramel, Leavitt, Walen, Peterson, Couture, Paul, Doglio and Macri.

Washington State HB1500 would increase the gross sales cap on cottage industry food producers from $25,000 per year to $50,000.

Washington Legislature: HB 1500 Bill Information

HB 1490 – Allowing direct-to-consumer raw milk sales

Description: Concerning direct sales of milk.

Sponsors: Representatives Orcutt, Chapman and Jacobsen.

Washington State House Bill 1490 would allow small scale raw milk producers to sell their raw milk direct-to-consumer.

Washington Legislature: HB 1490 Bill Information

Decriminalizing raw milk sales in Hawaii

January 23rd, 2023, Rep. Mark Nakashima (D – District 1) introduced Hawaii House Bill 521 to decriminalize raw milk sales and move the state’s Board of Agriculture and Department of Health to adopt rules allowing raw milk sales before July 2024.


Authorizes and decriminalizes the sale of raw milk and raw milk products directly from producers to consumers, for human consumption, with certain restrictions. Authorizes the sale of raw goat milk for pet consumption. Establishes labeling requirements. Requires the Board of Agriculture and Department of Health to adopt rules no later than 7/1/2024.

Cause: Hawaii fining retailers $10,000 per day for selling raw milk

Read more: Hawaii bill to decriminalize raw milk after heavy handed penalties threaten retailers

Retail raw milk and farm direct marketing in Oregon

Oregon bills for raw milk retail sales and farm direct marketing

HB 2616 2023 OSL Regular Session: Off-farm raw milk sales

Sign the petition: Expanding Raw Milk Opportunities in Oregon

Hearing: January 24th, 2023 (video archive: 01:09:33)

SB 507 2023 OSL Regular Session: Farm direct marketing, online sales

Hearing: January 25th, 2023: (video archive: 00:36:45)

Retail raw milk bills in Missouri

On-farm raw milk sales are currently permitted. Retail raw milk sales could be legalized in January 2023. Update: both bills were referred.

HB78: Permits the retail sale of raw milk: This bill allows for grade A retail raw milk or cream produced in Missouri to be sold at grocery stores, restaurants, soda fountains, or similar establishments as long as the milk is clearly labeled with the specified warning label.

– Missouri HB78: Last update 1/19/2023 – Referred: Rural Community Development(H)

SB86: Permits the sale of raw milk or cream in certain circumstances: Under this act, Grade A retail raw milk or cream produced in Missouri, as defined in the act, may be sold to grocery stores, restaurants, soda fountains, or similar establishments if the raw milk or cream is clearly labeled as such or presented as such through written notice to the consumer. An individual who is the final consumer may also purchase and have delivered raw milk or cream for his or her own personal use. The provisions of this act shall supersede any local ordinance, order, rule, or regulation governing the sale of raw milk or cream.

– Missouri SB86: Last update 1/12/2023 – Second Read and Referred S Agriculture, Food Production and Outdoor Resources Committee

Disaster recovery in San Benito County, CA

From San Francisco Raw Feeders (pet food):

Our favorite local dairy farm, Mike’s Guernsey Goats (Mike Hulme), has been completely devastated by the recent floods and needs our immediate help to survive this tragic event. 

Despite MIke’s efforts to save every animal when the flood swept through the property, lives were tragically lost and it remains a precarious situation for all involved. 

Mike and his animals are in URGENT NEED for immediate funds, possible temporary housing for the animals, and volunteer labor with the overwhelming work of clean-up, repairs and daily care of his beloved goats.

If you can help by volunteering, please contact Mike directly here. He’s open to all possible forms of assistance. Please let him know what you can do to help!

GoFundMe: Save Mike’s Guernsey Goats (Mike Hulme) Dairy

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