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Updated: January 31, 2022 will always be free to search for farms, add your own farm, and add farm and retail sources that you’ve found.

Get Raw Milk is an independent project run on a floss-string budget. No shareholders with hands on levers, no automated Google ads bombarding you with non-raw-milk products – just an easy to use website that connects raw milk seekers with raw milk farmers.

Update: introducing the raw milk law library. The raw milk law library is a directory of jurisdictions containing links to raw milk relevant laws, news articles, and historical information to help us understand where each state stands.

Another update: introducing Get Raw Milk’s sister project, Find restaurants, bakeries, breweries, cafes, hot bars, cold bars, and other eateries who prepare food ready to eat using animal based fats instead of seed oils.

100 years from now, hopefully sooner, all the pasteurized homogenized sewage-fed milk products that line the walls of grocery stores will be replaced by a finer quality of milk. Milk from healthy, happy cows, sheep, goats, camels, and more.

Get Raw Milk is one tool that expedites the process using modern software technology. connects farmer and consumer by illuminating the way forward with our up-to-date raw milk map and social outreach. Our goal is to build highly accessible, low friction, and tangibly helpful user experiences to build those bridges.

What your support means

Every day, people from all over the world use to find their local farmers. People end up eating better food. Farmers see an increase in their customer base. Local economies are made stronger. Agriculture shifts in a more wholesome, conscious, and sustainable direction.

There’s a seemingly endless amount of work that needs to be done in this movement. Your contributions ensure that we can continue to man our post here and drive the movement forward as we build better tools to inflict change.

What you can do to help

Spread the word

The most important thing you can do to help the raw milk industry prosper is to help other people find their local farm. Each and every connection between farmers and consumers moves the greater movement of wholesome living towards mass adoption. was designed to make finding raw milk easy. Easy to remember, easy to share, easy to identify where your nearest source of raw milk can be obtained.

Help keep GRM up to date

Know a farm that isn’t on Get Raw Milk? Have updated info for any particular listing? Has a raw milk farm stopped doing business? This is all helpful information that helps keep everyone up to date and saves people time. Send details to or use the Suggest function found on the bottom right of any particular listing.

Help us add your country

Get Raw Milk has expanded across the globe. Take the initiative for your country by sending an email to with a list of raw milk sources in your area.

The only requirement is that the raw dairy must be operating legally, so that displaying them here will not lead to persecution. Please include: farm name, location (address or general area), products/ animal species, and contact info for new customers.

Update: there’s now a New Listing Form

This project costs money, so…

Actual dollars are a requirement to keep this website on the internet, along with time dedicated to development and maintenance. Consider making a financial contribution to keep this project going and improving.

Crypto addresses can be found in the footer of the website. All contributions are appreciated. Coordinate with us for test-runs before you send if you’d like to make sure the transfer goes through. $BTC address changes regularly, but it’s not automated yet, that’s on the list.

Thank you for helping Get Raw Milk build this small part of a better world. Someday it won’t be so small. The future of agriculture is local. The future of milk is RAW.

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