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Infographic: milk hydrates better than water, sports drink, beer, and more February 20, 2021

Chart showing the hydrating effectiveness of a variety of drinks. They tested water, soda, orange juice, coffee, lager, something called “oral rehydration solution,” a few other liquids, and milk won out.

Infographic: Food Industry Consolidation February 13, 2021

Is this what a “free” market is supposed to look like? Have a look at how the food industry has been bought up and consolidated by big money interests.

Infographic: Shorten Your Food Chain February 1, 2021

Visualize the difference between growing your own food, buying food from local farms, and farmers markets vs buying food from the grocery store and meal prep services.

Cheers for Chubby – MetLife Healthy Diet PSA (1950s, 7 minutes 44 seconds) January 26, 2021

“Cheers for Chubby” is an early example of healthcare propaganda. Produced by MetLife, a for-profit health insurance company, in collaboration with the Public Health Service of the Federal Security Agency and the American Medical Association.

Timeline of dietary fat-phobic recommendations by the American Heart Association January 25, 2021

Anti-dietary fat campaigning officially began in the 1950s. Recommendations lead to a reduction in the amount of butter and full fat dairy consumed by families, and the vitality of the average American.

List of countries with more sheep than people, numbers and ratios 2020 January 23, 2021

Of course, these numbers don’t include humans who drink plant based milks or those who trust the government for health and dietary advice. We’re counting a strict use of the term ‘sheep’ in this article.

Grass land health visualized: the difference between untilled vs tilled soil January 22, 2021

The no-till soil is alive and can feed us in perpetuity. The tilled soil may feed us for now, but ultimately the broken soil structure and subsequent runoff puts soil on the path to becoming a desert.

List of enzymes found in unpasteurized raw milk January 20, 2021

Let’s get to know some of the enzymes that are found in unpasteurized raw milk. These are the nutritional enzymes that lose most if not all of their nutritional value during pasteurization.

Biden picks “Mr. Monsanto” for Ag Secretary, let’s recap why Monsanto sucks January 2, 2021

Biden has nominated Tom Vilsack, aka Mr Monsanto, to Agriculture Secretary of the US. Let’s review why Monsanto sucks.

Life as a subscription service, the goal of Science™ December 27, 2020

Imagine if your phone stopped working if you decided to delay or reject an update. Now replace the phone in this example with your lifestyle, and ultimately your life.

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