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List of enzymes found in unpasteurized raw milk January 20, 2021

Let’s get to know some of the enzymes that are found in unpasteurized raw milk. These are the nutritional enzymes that lose most if not all of their nutritional value during pasteurization.

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Biden has nominated Tom Vilsack, aka Mr Monsanto, to Agriculture Secretary of the US. Let’s review why Monsanto sucks.

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Millions of people aren’t going to make it through the next few years without some sort of state and federal aid. Will this lead to more or less obesity in America?

Life as a subscription service, the goal of Science™ December 27, 2020

Imagine if your phone stopped working if you decided to delay or reject an update. Now replace the phone in this example with your lifestyle, and ultimately your life.

Pro Tips (FAQ):

Know the local laws

We require all raw milk listings be legal and operating in the open. We refuse to knowingly list dairies that could be persecuted if identified by local party-poopers. We don't want those dairies to get shut down, we want them to continue providing good food to their communities.

Some states require dairies to provide their foods under contract (herdshares, membership orgs, etc). Other areas only permit raw milk for sale as pet food, or bath balm (yeah, really). Know the law ahead of time by viewing raw milk laws here..

Raw Milk in Canada?

The Canadian federal government has outright banned/ outlawed raw milk sales nation-wide. Therefore we currently do not list Canadian raw milk farms, all of which would be operating underground and endangered if advertised.

Raw milk in your country?

We're ready to expand this project globally, but we need your help. If you're willing to take the initiative for your country, we want to hear from you.

The FDA loves raw milk?

No. The FDA isn't a fan of raw milk, but we don't consider them a credible source anyway. All that corporate money and marketing loses value when you're wrong all the time.

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