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Find a local source of raw milk by zooming in to view the location you're searching for. Tap or click on a pin of your interest to see what contact, address, and website information exists. This map does not contain every source of raw milk available, so don't be discouraged. More information may be found by contacting your local Weston A Price Foundation Chapter or referencing

Always contact the farmer before heading to a farm. Make sure they will be there when you arrive, that product is in stock, and be mindful of their schedule.

Many of these locations are herdshares(cowshares, goatshares, ownership clubs, etc) and cannot/ will not sell raw milk commercially. Farms in many areas are only permitted to sell raw milk as pet food. This is due to local laws. Know the law, speak wisely, and walk the line. Be safe, be smart, and good luck!

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