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Find a local source of raw milk by zooming in to view the location you're searching for. Tap or click on a pin of your interest to see their contact info, if an address is available, as well as the farm or farmer's social media and website information.

Some raw milk farmers offer drop points where customers can preorder their products, and the products are then delivered on specified days. If you're too far from any farm to drive there on a regular basis, this can be a good option if available.

Always contact the farmer before heading to a farm. Make sure they will be there when you arrive, that product is in stock, and be mindful of their schedule.

Many of these locations are herdshares(cowshares, goatshares, ownership clubs, etc) and cannot/ will not sell raw milk commercially. Farms in many areas are only permitted to sell raw milk as pet food. This is due to local laws. Know the law, speak wisely, and walk the line. Be safe, be smart, and good luck!

This map may not contain every source of raw milk available, so don't be discouraged. More information may be found by contacting your local Weston A Price Foundation Chapter or referencing

If we missed a location, please email with four types of info: farm name, address or general location, product or products sold, and contact info for new customers.

We fully intend on expanding this project worldwide, but we'll need help. If you want to take the initiative for your country, email with the above mentioned information for the raw dairy farms in your country.

If you're late to the party: raw milk is fresh, unprocessed milk from cows or goats or sheep or camels or any other milk producing animal. Raw dairy products are unpasteurized and unhomogenized.

The FDA isn't a fan of raw milk, but due to the gross failure and absence of accountability in the FDA's assumed responsibility to produce a genuinely healthy population, a growing amount of people are refusing to consider them a credible source in the realm of nutrition or health in general. All that corporate money, marketing, fancy degrees, and lab coats don't mean a whole lot when you're wrong.

Who cares what those dorks have to say anyway. Doesn't a beautiful trip out to the countryside to meet some farmers and their flock sounds like a good time? Of course it does, enjoy, and get raw milk.

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