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Raw milk is "bath milk" in Australia

Raw milk is "bath milk" in Australia

Australian raw milk sales for human consumption are outlawed. Fortunately, raw milk in an excellent topical thing for you to use cosmetically. As such, you can buy raw milk in Australia so long as it is labeled for cosmetic use only.

Queensland, Australia

Here are some raw milk options in Queensland, both are located a ways north of Brisbane.

Heavenly Bath Milk

Heavenly Bath Milk is raw milk sold as a cosmetic bath milk in Australia.

Raw milk in Australia
Heavenly Bath Milk label

Cleopatra’s Bath Milk

Cleopatra’s Bath Milk is raw milk sold as a cosmetic product in Queensland.

IG screenshot of raw milk in Australia
Cleopatra's Bath Milk

Jannei Goat Dairy in NSW

Jannei Goat Dairy produces goat milk in Australia.

“Cold-pressed” milk is not raw milk

Made By Cow is sold in Australia as “cold pressed raw milk.”

This is not raw milk.

This is not raw milk, the label is misleading. High Pressure Processing transforms the milk so that it can pass tests that would conventionally consider milk fully pasteurized. If it can pass those tests, then it’s been altered beyond what we would consider raw.

From the Healthy Home Economist:

According to a New South Wales Food Authority spokesperson, the high pressure processing (HPP) used by Made by Cow is already in use around the world for other types of foods. These include juices, applesauce, dips, salsas, meat products and seafood (3).

High Pressure Processing (HPP) is considered a form of pasteurization by the food industry and the government. Hence, calling milk processed using HPP equipment “raw” is highly misleading.

That being said, I never struggled with lactose intolerance. When I’m traveling I might consume local vat-pasteurized if that’s the best option. If “cold-pressed” milk was the best option I had available to me, I might go with it, but it’s not raw milk. If you’re looking for raw milk, this isn’t it.

My disinterest in High Pressure Processing is primarily centered around the fact that it requires expensive equipment to implement. If we all compromised and switched to HPP milk, we’d end up in the same situation where milk only comes from the few big companies who can afford to produce it through the approved methods.

I’d rather support my neighbors and buy raw milk from independent farmers.

Read more about cold-pressed raw milk.

Australian Raw Milk Advocacy

For more information on raw milk in Australia, check out the ARMM website.

This is a partial list, to expedite your search. I’m “working on” expanding and improving it. If you have anything to add, let me know.

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