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Get Raw Milk is an independent project that connects raw milk seekers with raw milk farmers and retailers.

In 2018, Washington Raw Milk was a small map of Washington state, plotted with farms and retailers selling raw milk so that I could always find a source while exploring the Northwest.

In 2019, Washington Raw Milk expanded nationwide into Get Raw Milk. Allies in other states were asking for a visual map of their own state, so I started including them and seeking out listings across the country.

In 2020, went worldwide and was updated to support searching for quick results to display your nearest sources.

In 2022, over 2400 farm and retail sources are plotted in 40 countries worldwide. More than 40,000 unique visitors find the website each month, with approx 70% searching for raw milk. More people are searching, and it’s never been easier to find raw milk.

This website will always be free to share farm and retail sources that you’ve found, add your own farm to the map, and search for farms near you or abroad.

Other majors

The Raw Milk Law Library is a directory of jurisdictions containing links to raw milk relevant laws, news, articles, and historical information to help us understand where each state stands. was built in January 2022. Find restaurants, bakeries, breweries, cafes, hot bars, cold bars, and other eateries who prepare food using animal based fats instead of seed oils. was built in May 2022. Find makers and manufacturers who produce products made from wool.

General policy opinion

Ensure safety at the grocery store, but don’t squeeze out the little guy (or gal).

Cottage freedom

Consumers should be free to access raw milk and raw dairy products from small/ micro/ backyard farmers with no restrictions.

If your neighbor owns a few cows, a few goats, a few sheep, etc, you should not be prohibited from trading a few bucks for food on a regular basis. No cost-prohibitive regulations should stop an informed and willful transaction.

See Montana and Wyoming

Bonus: state and local governments should provide material and educational support to facilitate safe raw milk production for hobby and cottage producers.

Grocery stores and food service

Raw milk farmers should be able to sell raw milk and raw dairy products to mass distributors under effective and reasonable cleanliness standards.

People in the city also want to buy raw dairy products. Urban populations access food through grocery stores and delivery services, adding layers to the distribution process. The Raw Milk Institute (RAWMI) is leading the way in outlining standards and providing education to ensure raw milk is safe for consumers.

See the Raw Milk Institute


When I was seeking out raw milk for the first time, I could’ve used a tool like

Useful tooling is the central focus of this project. I’m not your doctor or your health coach, I’m your tech professional and acquisitions guy. Get Raw Milk’s objective is to streamline the real-life process of consumers becoming raw milk enjoyers by creating tech that facilitates this connection. This is done by making data available and easy to access.


1.) Listing a source will always be free.

2.) Finding a source will always be free.

3.) No bias will manipulate the data.

Get Raw Milk’s map represents every place to get raw milk that has come to my attention. This only excludes sources which, if discovered on a publicly accessible map like this one, may be placed in legal or otherwise disruptive circumstances that could threaten the continuation of that source.

Some listing locations (where the pin is set on the map) may not be precise. This is done on request to protect the farmer’s privacy and security, since many farms are also homes. If you’re heading to Sprouts, find their available hours and go any time. If you’re heading to a farm, contact the farmer ahead of time to arrange your visitation.

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Nothing here should be considered health or legal advice.

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