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Get Raw Milk is ad-free. Buy me a milk is an independent data garden supported by raw milk fans like you and me.

Brief history of

Get Raw Milk is a web app that connects raw milk enjoyers with raw milk farmers, retailers, and buyers clubs.

2018, Washington Raw Milk was a small map of Washington. This seminal map was my own, because I hadn’t thought to share it, plotted with farms and retailers selling raw milk so that I could always find a source while exploring the Northwest. I wrapped it into a website,, and shared it with the community.

Washington Raw Milk dot com was the first visual map dedicated to finding places to buy raw milk. RealMilk had a phone book type of directory to find raw milk, which appeared out of date, like an artifact of the 2000-2010 raw milk wave. They eventually deployed a visual map in June 2021.

2019, Washington Raw Milk expanded nationwide into Get Raw Milk. Allies in other states were asking for a visual map of their own state, so I started including them and seeking out listings across the country. I crawled (non-automated) all over Facebook and Google to find any and all verified-to-still-exist sources nationwide.

2020, went worldwide and was updated to support searching for raw milk quick results to display your nearest sources. This was the biggest update. I took the ol’ Google MyMap and poured that data into a web app I coded myself to offer some new features.

2022, over 2400 farm and retail sources are plotted in 40 countries worldwide. More people are searching, and it’s never been easier to find raw milk.

2023, added support for light and dark modes. I’ve also created separate filtered maps for cow, goat, sheep, donkey, camel, buffalo, and raw A2 milk covering 47 countries worldwide.

2024, raw milk farm and off-farm listings (retail, grocery, drop locations, buyers clubs, etc) can now reference each other. If a farmer has off-farm locations, you can see where they deliver their milk. In the reverse, when viewing off-farm listings, you can see which farms are bringing milk to that listing.

Website usage continues to rise, with minimal social media input. I still post random vibes to Facebook and OC to Instagram. Best way to get updates about the project is the newsletter. will be here to onboard future raw milk consumers as they come.


The Raw Milk Law Library is a directory of jurisdictions containing links to raw milk relevant laws, news, articles, and historical information to help us understand where each state stands. was built in January 2022. Find restaurants, bakeries, breweries, cafes, hot bars, cold bars, and other eateries who prepare food using animal based fats instead of seed oils. was built in May 2022. Find makers and manufacturers who produce products made from wool.

Behind the keyboard

Connor, 33, Washington USA

Web and mobile app developer with 10 years experience building software solutions for small businesses and independent startups. This project was a tool I built for myself, before I knew it would have a life of its own.

My first job was in commercial steel framing (20-gauge steel stud office skeletons in Arizona). I’ve also been a welder (certified ss/alum TIG), custom shower installer, pizza delivery guy, wanderer, and farmworker. Dad was into steel framing, so that was the best summer job I could easily get and I enjoyed it. He also put me in front of his DOS desktop when I was five, and helped me build an XP desktop out of cheap parts from Fry’s Electronics later on, so the possibility of migrating into app development was deeply rooted.

Food enjoyer. Big fan of dairy foods and independent farmers.

Why I code for the cause

GRM started as a map for my own use, since no visual maps for finding raw milk existed at the time. I shared it with the state, then the country, then the world, and it grew. There is no business plan here, and I’ve automated away most of the time it takes to run the project and keep it up to date.

Just a few decades ago, America’s reputation for beer was terrible. Europe had the quality beers, not us. America’s craft brewery scene has gone from sparse to rich. I want that same explosion of culture to happen with cheese, butter, and milk.

I also use this web app while traveling. Get Raw Milk is dedicated to just that essential part of your journey: finding your local sources of raw dairy products, worldwide.

This sphere of the Web has no shortage of coaches, personal trainers, chefs, and more who might help you decide if raw milk is right for you. I’m just here to make it easy to find raw milk.

What I eat

Normal food, just better ingredients. So how did I get here?

2010, began my exploration of radical dieting. Vegan for 5 months. 2 months good, 3 months bad (stubborn). Raw Primal Diet (a la Aajonus Vonderplanitz) for 18 months, strict, zero complaints. 2012, at a potluck, “am I too good for these beans?” Turns out, I’m not. By 2014, any desire to rigidly moderate what’s on my plate was gone.

Carbs are good. Meat is good. Vegetables are probably good. Dairy is good. Reading ingredients is good. Stockpiling foods you’ll use is good. Being a picky eater, without some clear and measurable goal, is not my thing.

What remains is the basic imperative to source the best quality food available. Being able to find raw milk, or farms and cheese makers, facilitates that necessity.

Actual example: loaded grilled cheese is the current mainstay of my diet. Sourdough made locally, hard cheese, soft cheese, ground pork, horseradish, pan-fried in butter.

Got a podcast?

No. I’d rather be building things, or zoning out. There really isn’t much left to say that hasn’t been said, most advocacy content is repetitious. I’m here to have an effect on the market, not to build a personal brand.

This is a tech-centered project, not a social media-centered project.

Got wares?

Buy a raw milk shirt

I am not above or below hawking some wares, just haven’t spent much time thinking about it. I sell code and technical expertise, anything physical would require more complexity than I have a desire to deal with at the moment. Shirts are an exception, because they’re printed on-demand by TeeSpring and I touch nothing except the few bucks I get at default pricing.

Someday I might come up with some value-added product, or custom contraption, or most likely a web or mobile app that I’m willing to sell. Until then, I’m stoked to be running this community-driven project on a Wikipedia-esque model (unending reminders to send cash)

Email Newsletter

My preferred medium for sharing occasional raw milk and other project-related updates is the newsletter (sign up for emails) and more casually Instagram.

General policy opinion

Standards at the grocery store, don’t squeeze out the little guy or gal.

Cottage freedom

Consumers should be free to access raw milk and raw dairy products from small/ micro/ backyard farmers with no restrictions.

If your neighbor owns a few cows, a few goats, a few sheep, etc, you should not be prohibited from trading a few bucks for food on a regular basis. No cost-prohibitive regulations should stop an informed and willful transaction.

See Montana and Wyoming

Private Membership Organizations should be respected as non-commercial, autonomous, and acting within their rights to determine and grow their foods of choice.

Bonus: state and local governments should provide material and educational support to facilitate safe raw milk production for hobby and cottage producers.

Standards for commerce

Raw milk farmers should be able to sell raw milk and raw dairy products to mass distributors under effective and reasonable cleanliness standards.

Consumers also want to buy raw dairy products through grocery stores and delivery services. This adds points of failure to the distribution process, and consumers want to know their milk is safe. The Raw Milk Institute (RAWMI) provides education to farmers, outlines production and testing standards to make sure raw milk is safe for consumers.

View the map of farms applying the Raw Milk Institute’s methods.


When I was seeking out raw milk for the first time, I could’ve used a tool like

Useful tooling is the central focus of this project. I’m not your doctor or your health coach, I’m your tech professional and acquisitions guy. Get Raw Milk’s objective is to streamline the real-life process of consumers becoming raw milk enjoyers by creating tech that facilitates this connection. This is done by making data available and easy to access.


1.) Listing a source will always be free.

2.) Finding a source will always be free.

Get Raw Milk’s map represents every place to get raw milk that has come to my attention. Most of this information was offered to me by the community, freely, with the understanding that I would share it freely.

Database updated daily is funded by supporters like you

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