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Raw Milk Institute free online raw milk safety course

Raw Milk Institute free online raw milk safety course

The Raw Milk Institute (RAWMI) provides training for raw milk farmers to keep their facilities clean and produce clean milk.

From equipment recommendations, farm and animal organization, strip-down cleaning protocols, to on-site testing and more. They are the premiere resource for high-standard, hygienic raw milk production in America.

My opinion, long view of an ideal dairy situation in America and the world over is two-fold.

  1. Cottage Freedom: no one who owns a couple animals should have to file paperwork to sell a few gallons of milk direct to the consumer.
  2. Replacing the pasteurized/ homogenized dairy system with clean, medium-large scale raw milk farms who will carry out high-volume dairy production for the greater market.

RAWMI is outlining standards that will keep those farms clean.

If you are a raw milk producer, big or small, and want to gain The Raw Milk Institute’s recommendation: read their Common Standards and Want to Become RAWMI Listed?

Free video course

The Raw Milk Institute recently published their Raw Milk Risk Management Training course. Course statement:

Risk management is of utmost importance for producing safe, low-risk RAW milk. This training course will teach you about the benefits and risks of raw milk, the RAWMI method for low-risk raw milk, and Grass-to-Glass risk management.

All these training videos are embedded from RAWMI’s playlist on Vimeo.

Part 1 – About Raw Milk Institute and Introductions

Part 2 – Raw Milk History and Opposition

Part 3 – Raw Milk Benefits

Part 4 – Raw Milk Risks and RAWMI Method

Part 5 – Intro to Grass-to-Glass Risk Management

Part 6 – Small Scale and Large Scale Raw Milk Production

Part 7 – Grass, Pasture, and Water

Part 8 – Animal Health and Biosecurity

Part 9 – Milking and Udder Prep

PART 10 – Management

PART 11 – Q&A for Parts 1-10

PART 12 – Management (continued)

PART 13 – Management (continued again)

PART 14 – Glass, Bottling, and Inspections

PART 15 – Testing

PART 16 – Why to Become RAWMI LISTED

Part 17 – Conclusion and Final Q&A

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