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The most important thing you can do to help the raw milk industry prosper is to help other people find their local farm. was designed to make finding raw milk easy. Easy to remember, easy to share, easy to identify where your nearest source of raw milk is. As we move forward with this project, it will only get better.

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Know a farm that isn't on Get Raw Milk? Have updated info for any particular listing? Has a raw milk farm stopped doing buisness? This is all helpful information that helps keep everyone up to date. Send details to

Want to add your country?

Get Raw Milk is ready to expand across the globe. Take the initiative for your country or region by sending and email to with a list of raw milk sources in your area. The only requirement is that the raw dairy must be operating legally, so that displaying them here will not lead to persecution. Please include: farm name, location (address or general area), species of milk, and contact info for new customers.

This project costs money

Development time is money, but actual dollars are a requirement to keep this website on the internet. Consider making a financial contribution to keep this project going and improving.

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