Infographic: Food Industry Consolidation

February 13, 2021

Free markets for me, but not for thee. Corporate America, and furthermore the global corporate collage, will lobby tirelessly for free markets when it serves them. You and I are not even a remote afterthought.

You want to buy fresh milk direct from the farmer the way your family has for thousands of years though? You want to live in a country that encourages a diversity of small, local independent farmers? You want a food system that isn’t bound up and bottleneck’d by food processing requirements?

Sorry, that sort of freedom is too dangerous and very unprofitable to the kind who has the money needed to lobby to the point of shouting the little guy down.

Anyways, here’s the infographic you came for…

And here’s a meme to go with it.

It might be “free,” but is it good for you and me?

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