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Game Changers athletes no longer vegan

Game Changers athletes no longer vegan

The Game Changers (2018) is a documentary that promotes veganism as the recipe for advanced athleticism. In this documentary, an array of athletes are showcased as superhuman in ability, all attributing their success to a vegan diet.

However, that’s not where the story ends. What happened to these vegan athletes? Many of them have abandoned the vegan diet, gotten injured, have left their sport soon after, or were never vegan in the first place.

Courtesy of Stan “The Rhino” Efferding, author of The Vertical Diet

Here’s a list of athletes who went vegan, and how their journey is going

  • *Tim Scheff – Quit Veganism
  • *Andrew Luck – Injured, Quit football
  • *CC Sabathia – Injured, Quit. 
  • *Novak Djokovik – injured
  • *Lauri Markkanen – Early season end
  • *Kyrie Irving – Knee surgery 2018. Hip and knee injury 2019. 
  • *Morgan Mitchell – Got slower – Finished 23rd out of 24 in recent world athletic championship. 
  • Tom Brady – Eats Meat 
  • *Demarcus Cousins – Injured.
  • *Derek Morgan – Injured, retired at 30
  • *Nate Diaz – Not a Vegan.  Eats fish and eggs. 
  • *Kendrick Ferris – Got weaker. Hasn’t competed since.
  • *Micheal porter – Injured. Out for season.
  • *Cam Newton – Injured, underperforming, smaller, weaker, slower. 
  • *Patrick Baboumian – Not a competitive Strongman.
  • *Bryant Jennings – Lost his last 2 fights since going vegan.
  • Pat Neshek. – Injured retired.
  • *Chris Paul – Injured. Retired.
  • *Arian foster – Injured. Retired.
  • *Deandre Hopkins – Injured
  • *Brian Orakpo – Injured. Retired.
  • *Jurell Casey – Injured.
  • *Alex Morgan – Injured. Out for season. 
  • *Venus and Serena Williams – “Cheagans” (their words)

Further Reading:

Article: The Sad Reality of Athletes Going Vegan and Getting Injured


A study came out last year that was paid for by the US Humane Research Council, (animal rights nuts) and they found that 84 percent of the morons that decide to go vegan or vegetarian quit the diet usually with in a year. This is because their bodies simply can’t handle it. Actress Anne Hathaway explained to People Magazine what it was like to have meat after going years without it, “So I had a piece of salmon and my brain felt like a computer rebooting…I just didn’t feel good or healthy,” she said in November, adding that she was ‘not strong.’ And after the salmon in Iceland, she ‘just felt better.”

Jim Mundorf,

Starting Strength Radio

Here’s an episode of Starting Strength Radio debunking The Game Changers. The above list is mentioned in this episode, which prompted me to reach out to Stan Efferding who was kind enough to share it with us.

Eat well, friends

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