List of countries with more sheep than people, numbers and ratios 2020

January 23, 2021

Of course, these numbers don’t include humans who drink plant based milks or those who trust the government for health and dietary advice. We’re only counting a strict use of the term ‘sheep’ in this article.


Population of Mauritania: 4.7 million
Number of Sheep in Mauritania: 8.8 million
Ratio: 1.8 sheep per person in Mauritania


Population of Iceland: 360k
Number of Sheep in Iceland: 454k
Ratio: 1.2 sheep per person in Iceland


Population of Iceland: 5 million
Number of Sheep in Iceland: 5.5 million
Ratio: 1.1 sheep per person in Ireland


Population of Namibia: 2.5 million
Number of Sheep in Namibia: 2.7 million
Ratio: 1.08 sheep per person in Namibia


Population of Uruguay: 3.5 million
Number of Sheep in Uruguay: 10.3 million
Ratio: 2.9 sheep per person in Uruguay


Population of Wales: 3.1 million
Number of Sheep in Wales: 9.5 million
Ratio: 3 sheep per person in Wales


Population of Mongolia: 3.3 million
Number of Sheep in Namibia: 14.8 million
Ratio: 4.5 sheep per person in Mongolia


Population of Australia: 25.6 million
Number of Sheep in Australia: 85.7 million
Ratio: 3.3 sheep per person in Australia

New Zealand

Population of New Zealand: 5 million
Number of Sheep in New Zealand: 38.4 million
Ratio: 7.7 sheep per person in New Zealand

Falkland Islands

Population of Falkland Islands: 3,500
Number of Sheep in Falkland Islands: 700k
Ratio: 200 sheep per person in the Falkland Islands

All places that won’t be running out of milk, mutton, or wool anytime soon. This is how it should be in every country.

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