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List of US states with more cows than people, numbers and ratios 2020

List of US states with more cows than people, numbers and ratios 2020

As of 2020, nine states in the USA have more cows than people. Let’s take a look:

9. Oklahoma

Population of Oklahoma: 3,850,568
Number of cattle in Oklahoma: 4,300,000
Ratio: 1.12 cows per person in Oklahoma

8. Iowa

Population of Iowa: 3,090,416
Number of cattle in Iowa: 3,700,000
Ratio: 1.20 cows per person in Iowa

7. Idaho

Population of Idaho: 1,612,136
Number of cattle in Idaho: 2,190,000
Ratio: 1.36 cows per person in Idaho

6. Kansas

Population of Kansas: 2,893,957
Number of cattle in Kansas: 5,800,000
Ratio: 2 cows per person in Kansas

5. Wyoming

Population of Wyoming: 582,658
Number of cattle in Wyoming: 1,270,000
Ratio: 2.18 cows per person in Wyoming

4. North Dakota

Population of North Dakota: 723,393
Number of cattle in North Dakota: 1,770,000
Ratio: 2.45 cows per person in North Dakota

3. Montana

Population of Montana: 1,015,165
Number of cattle in Montana: 2,550,000
Ratio: 2.51 cows per person in Montana

2. Nebraska

Population of Nebraska: 1,868,516
Number of cattle in Nebraska: 6,150,000
Ratio: 3.29 cows per person in Nebraska

1. South Dakota

Population of South Dakota: 844,877
Number of cattle in South Dakota: 3,650,000
Ratio: 4.32 cow per person in South Dakota

Numbers credit: Beef2Live

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