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Oregon hearings for raw cow milk sales and farm direct marketing

Oregon hearings for raw cow milk sales and farm direct marketing

Two bills from Friends of Family Farmers are scheduled for hearing in Oregon this week. We’re very lucky the Oregon Legislature does, better than most, live-streaming and making archives accessible on their website.

Hearing dates have passed, so I’ll direct link to the archives with timestamps below.

HB 2616: Relating to unpasteurized milk

Summary: Authorizes sale of unpasteurized milk from small-scale farm through delivery service or at farmers’ market or other farm-to-consumer sales location if milk is labeled as unpasteurized.

Hearing: January 24th, 2023 (video archive: 01:09:33)

Sign the petition: Expanding Raw Milk Opportunities in Oregon

Bill Text: HB 2616 2023 OSL Regular Session

FOFF website: Raw Milk and Small Dairy Regulations


Based on member feedback, survey suggestions, conversations and sessions, we have identified a few actionable steps to help raw milk producers grow their business, when desired, and access a broader consumer base. With the state’s growing prioritization of creating an equitable, accessible and local food system — especially as we continue to navigate food access challenges exacerbated by the pandemic — we propose changes to Oregon’s sales regulations for dairies that fall under the exemption status laid out in ORS 621.012.

In 2023 and in future Legislative Sessions as needed, the Oregon Legislature should consider:

  • Off-Premise Sales – Permitting off-premises sales (such as in farmers
    markets and food hubs) and including delivery options of raw milk for
    licensed-exempt dairies.
  • Removing Cow Prohibition – Repealing the raw cow’s milk prohibition in
    ORS 621.116 to help remove barriers to accessing insurance for small
    dairy farms.
  • Training Access – Establishing a platform to report on raw milk safety
    training, risk analysis and testing standards for licensed dairies engaging
    in raw milk sales.



FoFF Raw Milk Fact Sheet

SB 507: Relating to farm direct marketing

Summary: Expand marketing policies for farmers to sell value-added products direct-to-consumer using the Internet and third-party distribution and more.

Hearing: January 25th, 2023 (video archive: 00:36:45)

Bill Text: SB 507 2023 OSL Regular Session

FOFF website: Farm Direct Marketing Law Enhancements

Nearly a decade ago FoFF worked with partners at OSU, the Oregon Farmers Market Association and across the spectrum of farm advocates to establish the Farm Direct Marketing Law’s Farm Direct Producer Processed Exemption. This law, sometimes lovingly called “The Pickle Bill,” allows farmers to bring certain low risk, value added products (like jams/jellies, pickles, lacto ferments, dried herbs, etc.) to farmers markets and their farm stands. This opened up opportunities for small farms to differentiate themselves at the market, reduce waste, and create shelf stable products they could use to stretch their income year round when the weather doesn’t cooperate. At the time this law was passed, it was one of the most progressive cottage food laws in the country. Now, about ten years later, it is time for us to make some improvements and clarifications to help this vital law keep up with the times.


Since the enactment of HB 2336 in 2011, countless farmers and producers across Oregon have been utilizing this regulatory framework to safely sell fresh produce and certain low risk value-added products directly to consumers. Countless farmers and communities, particularly in rural Oregon, have benefited from the increased economic capital generated by farm to consumer sales in addition to the strengthening of local and regional food systems. 

With over 10 years of success stories about farmers safely selling products to consumers and enhancing their own economic opportunities, the 2023 Legislative Session offers an opportunity to build on this work and enhance Oregon’s Farm Direct Marketing Law by:

  • Online Sales – Explicitly permit the online sale of products that fall
    under the Farm Direct Marketing Law
  • Modernizing Distribution – Allow for the contracting of a third party
    entity for the facilitation of a sale, marketing and/or delivery of products
    from the farm to the consumer
  • Additional Products – Expand products eligible for Farm Direct
  • Clarify Ingredients – Define and clarify the non-farm-grown ingredients
    allowed for valued-added products
  • Consignment – Expand consignment eligibility to certain value-added




From Friends of Family Farmers in Eugene, Oregon:

The Farm Direct Bill (SB 507) and Raw Milk Bill (HB 2616) have been scheduled for a hearing during the committee meetings. These are hybrid meetings and people can attend in person or online. Written testimony can be submitted for bills that are scheduled for a public hearing and must be received within 48 hours after the start time of the committee meeting at which the public hearing is held. We will be sending out templates and more information soon so check your email inboxes!

1/24 3pm Raw Milk
1/25 8am Farm Direct

Follow Friends of Family Farmers on Instagram

Petition for raw milk retail sales in Oregon

From Godspeed Hollow in Newberg, Oregon:

Hi there! Wondering if you could assist with a push to get the petition signatures we need for the oregon raw milk changes? The friends of family farmers page is the most recent post and the link directly to the petition is:

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