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Cliftons Farm

Phone: +441995640564

Silk Mill Lane
Preston, England


Cliftons Farm was the first certified organic family dairy farm in the north of England. Besides having a milking herd of certified organic Jersey and some Jersey crossbred cows, we also keep some male calves for beef. We have our own butchery on site. This way our customers can order exactly the kind of cut they’d like to have when an animal is ready to go in. We also keep organic free range hens for eggs. We also have a fruit orchard where we grow some fruit. We also have a local delivery service in some areas of the North West and a courier delivery service that covers England, Wales and Scotland.

Please contact Cliftons Farm before paying them a visit to find out if they take walk-ins, schedule appointments, offer delivery or drops points, or if they're in stock and available to help when you arrive.

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