Ellison Dairy LLC

Ellison Dairy LLC has raw cow milk available in Concord, MI.

5947 Cross Road
Concord, MI
We are a small family dairy farm. On average we milk about 50 cows. Our girls are born and raised on our farm. They are spoiled rotten and are loved on constantly. They have have a diet that consists of haylage, silage, corn and bean meal. They have access to be either inside or outside everyday. They are out on pasture spring through late fall as well. We are offering full shares with a buy in of $60, which is refundable should you choose to leave the program for any reason. A monthly fee of $20 covers 1 gallon of milk a week, plus housing, feed, and care for your share. Half shares are also available.

Please contact Ellison Dairy LLC before paying them a visit to make sure they're in stock and available to help when you arrive.

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