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Hawk Hill Micro Dairy

FarmRaw Cow MilkA2 CowsRaw A2 Milk

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11627 Hawk Hill Ln
Boonville, MO
US 65233


From the farmer: "Hawk Hill Micro Dairy,offers farm fresh A2/A2 milk,and cream. Our dairy cows, are Jersey. It has a higher protein content and is naturally higher in nutrients and vitamins. On average Jersey milk has 20% more calcium and 18% more protein than most other milks. And their milk contains more omega-3’s and beneficial fatty acids In fact, Jersey milk is even often better tolerated by lactose intolerant people because it contains only ,‘A2’ protein called B- Casein) Holstein,Friesian cattle produce prominently A1 (B-Casein protien, and a small amount of A2 (B-Casein). Jersey,Gernsey, Charolias,produce only A2 B-Casein) is more tolerated in digestion. So give the A2 milk a try!! Our dairy cows, are tested individualy, with blood tests,to make sure,our milk is strictly A2 (B-Casein protien. Our milking facility,is grade A standard,or higher with reguards to our animals,facility,and milking equiptment. Our dairy cows are grain fed,twice daily,and also grass fed. We do not give growth hormones ever,or expose our cows to any toxin,or chemicals. All of our dairy cows see a veteranarian to ensure they are in the best of health. We offer delivery within a 40 mile radius of Boonville mo. M W F , and even Saturday. However you are always welcome to stop by tbe dairy to purchase milk,or cream. Thank you. Hawk Hill Dairy 🐮"

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Find raw milk laws

What is raw milk?

Milk comes from the mammary glands of cows, goats, sheep, camels, alpacas, or any other mammal.

Raw milk has not been subjected to boiling, pasteurization, homogenization, UV radiation, high-pressure processing, or any other process meant to alter its composition.

Raw milk is milked, filtered, cooled, bottled, and sold direct-to-consumer, customers, cheese makers, or retailers.

When you choose raw milk, you are supporting farmers directly - instead of corporate milk processors.

Why raw milk?

Raw milk is preferred by a growing number of people across the world for a variety of reasons related to nutrition, food security, and fairness in production of the dairy we consume.

Read more: Why raw milk?

How to find raw milk

Use the raw milk finder to find raw milk near you, explore the global raw milk map, or browse the raw milk directory.

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Is raw milk legal? 👀

If you're in the USA, raw milk sales are permitted or not permitted on the state level. Consuming raw milk is not illegal anywhere.

Some states welcome raw milk sales in grocery stores, usually found in the natural food section. Other jurisdictions require herdshare membership to distribute raw milk. In Kentucky, raw goat milk sales require a doctor's note. In Florida, raw milk is sold through feed licensing or "pet food." Australian raw milk can only be sold as a cosmetic ie 'bath milk'.

Is raw milk safe?

Food safety is a science, with testing and procedures, milk is no different. Clean facilities, equipment, and procedures are highly recommended. Food production for retail is an operation that farmers should take seriously. Milking into a bucket and drinking it unfiltered is a thing that happens in many places on Earth.

If you are interested in learning more about food safety related to raw milk, microbe testing, recommended equipment, production tips, and more, reach out to The Raw Milk Institute in California.

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