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My Paleo Pet


Phone: (954) 971-2500


2201 W Sample Rd Bldg 8, STE 5A
Pompano Beach, FL
US 33073


My Paleo Pet proudly offers a variety of delicious, farm fresh raw dairy from locally raised, grass-fed cows and goats. For pets and and people! Our raw products include milk, butter (made in-house), cheese, cream, kefir, smoothies and yogurts. All of our raw dairy products are unprocessed, Non-GMO, and contain absolutely NO synthetic hormones, antibiotics, or toxic pesticides. We offer in store pick up, deliver locally to the Tri-County area (Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties including Jupiter)

My Paleo Pet is a retailer and may or may not be able to answer your questions about the raw milk available, but they should be able to tell you which farms they stock and if they are in stock. Call or find their hours of operation and pay them a visit.

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