Stalwart Heritage Stock

Stalwart Heritage Stock has raw cow milk and raw goat milk available in Live Oak, FL.

Live Oak, FL
We are a family farm utilizing methods which surpass organic standards. We provide the Central & North Florida area with 100% grassfed, A2, raw, golden creamtop cow milk & dairy products; grassfed, raw goat milk & dairy products; pasture raised eggs; grassfed beef; pasture raised, soy free chicken & pork and heritage livestock. We provide free choice naturally occurring minerals (the animals instinctively know which minerals are needed at what times in what amounts), dried kelp (a natural source of multi-minerals which are easily assimilated in the body) and mineralized salt which all supplement what the soil does not naturally provide as well as intermittent herbs, garlic, pumpkin seeds, diatomaceous earth and apple cider vinegar to promote natural parasite resistance and a small amount of Non-GMO and third party tested pesticide/herbicide/fungicide free grains for the non-ruminants.

Please contact Stalwart Heritage Stock before paying them a visit to make sure they're in stock and available to help when you arrive.

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