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Federal law interferes with interstate commerce, however states can set their own laws.

Legal Links
H.R.5410 - Interstate Milk Freedom Act (proposed 2019)
Source: US Congress
Bill proposed by: Thomas Massie, U.S. Rep KY4, to prohibit federal interference with the interstate traffic of raw milk and milk products for human consumption.
Interstate commerce of raw milk banned (1973)
Source: US Federal Government
Page 14: The Commissioner concludes that it is reasonable to require that fluid milk products for consumer use moving in interstate commerce be pasteurized.

News Links
Amos Miller fined $250k, threatened with imprisonment
Source: Food Safety News
Amos Miller of Pennsylvania has been fined $250,000, threatened with jail time if he doesn't pay, for shipping raw dairy and other food products across state lines.
Massie, Pingree introduce bill to allow interstate traffic of unpasteurized milk
Source: The Fence Post
Artile covering H.R.5410 - Interstate Milk Freedom Act (proposed)

History Links
Regulatory Actions by FDA Relating to Raw Milk and Raw Milk Products
Source: US Food and Drug Administration
Warning letters, injunctions, and other documents.
Swill Milk and How Raw Milk Became a Scapegoat for Big Business
Source: Get Raw Milk
Swill milk scandals led the way for milk processing laws.
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