Agromol raw milk farm bombed in Ukraine

June 20, 2022

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Delivery through danger

Earliest video of the attack

Photos after the bombing

Video after the bombing

Their shop looted

Later mentions


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We are Agromol

Agromol was a dairy serving Kharkiv.

Their website is down, here’s an archive link to

Agromol produced raw milk, kefir, pasteurized milk, and many other dairy products for the people of Kharkiv.

Here’s an archive link for their raw milk

Here’s an archive link for their kefir

They had two farm locations and served a number of stores in Kharkiv including their own Agromol Shop.

Videos of the farm before

From their YouTube channel: Агромол – з натурального молока (Agromol – from natural milk)

They were proud of their work.

They welcomed farm tours. This video shows a group touring their milking parlor, meeting their cows and calves in the winter of 2020.

They had a chef and posted recipe videos.

Agromol held events and put on farm shows for their community. Here’s a video from the maze at Agromol Fest, by Ukrainian drone pilot Ruslan Movchan.

Ukrainian farmers’ anthem This Eyelash was performed by Serhii Lavrenko at Agroshow 2021, last Fall.

This is what’s being targeted, bombed, “denazified,” and “purged of degeneracy” in Ukraine.

Milk delivery through the danger

On the first days of the invasion, Agromol continued making deliveries into Kharkiv as bombs dropped on the city.

Locals report:

“During the first days of the war in Kharkov, Agromol was the only place where you could buy milk. We bought everything that was until the expiration date. They helped our children get through those early days!”

Very early on I started looking for Ukrainian farms to follow, along with some Russian farms, to get a view from the ground. I found Agromol.

At the time, they were only posting stories of lists of the drop off locations they were able to supply each day.

They’d post every day or so letting people know they were still bringing food into the city, until they didn’t.

Earliest footage of the attack

This may be the last video taken by Agromol.

Agromol was targeted

Some of the following images are graphic.

Hundreds of cows were killed and left to waste. The farm’s building, equipment, and vehicles were destroyed.

You can see one cow standing alone in the wreckage next to her fellow cows, now dead.

Agromol after bombing cow in wreckage crop

Crater left by one of the bombs.

Cows in their stalls, feed present, slaughtered while they were eating.

Another cow in the wreckage covered in snow.

Mass grave of Agromol’s cows.

Video after the bombing

Eerie footage shows the quiet aftermath. A few surviving cows are seen standing, unsupervised and confused, surrounded by the rubble that once made up their home.


Agromol’s shop looted in Kharkiv

Later mentions

The Telegraph mentions Agromol in May 2022 while threading their article discussing the Holodomor.

Contained in this image’s description:

Vasili Kush walks through a farmyard amid the sound of regular nearby shelling, in the village of Mala Tokmatchka which he refuses to leave saying he has nowhere to go and that no one will take him because he is a farm worker, near the southern front of fighting between Ukrainian and Russian forces, south of Zaporizhzhia on April 23, 2022

Article from the tweet: 2022/05/19 – Telegraph – Vladimir Putin is trying to starve the world into submission – here’s how

2022/04/01 – – In the Kharkiv region, the invaders cynically shelled a dairy farm: creepy photos

2022/04/01 – – “The Russian orcs just took and killed all the cows on the Agromol farm. They fired at them with machine guns. Flayers, sadists,” eyewitnesses wrote.


2022/04/03 – – “Destroyed because the farm saved children”: in the Kharkiv region, racists shot dozens of elite cows

2022/04/03 – gralhix – Geolocating Cows in Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine

2022/04/04 – cripo – In the Kharkiv region, rashists destroyed a farm and killed dozens of elite cows (photo)

2022/04/05 – Project Syndicate – The Nonhuman Victims of Putin’s War

2022/04/07 – UAnimals – Shelling on a dairy farm чної

2022/04/16 – Euromaidan Press – “Russians are wrecking everything out of envy”: Ukrainian recalls harrowing escape, shares thoughts about Russia

2022/06/09 – CSIS – Spotlight on Damage to Ukraine’s Farms amid the Russia-Ukraine War

Story about a separate farm in Kherson: Russian soldiers run from Ukraine dairy farm

Also read: Ukrainian craft brewer Berryland bombed by Russia

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