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Ukrainian craft brewer Berryland bombed by Russian military

Ukrainian craft brewer Berryland bombed by Russian military

Craft brewing company Berryland Cidery & Meadery was bombed by the Russian military. This happened in the early days of Russia’s invasion of northern Ukraine, during their failed attempt to take Kyiv.

You can help by contributing to their GoFundMe.

Location just outside of Kyiv

Berryland was creating craft ciders, fruit wine, and mead with local fruits and berries. They kept bees and used the honey in their brews.


Their brewery was approximately 50 minutes West into the countryside from Kyiv, in the Makariv district.

Berryland before the bombing

Berryland’s website is down, you can view the archive here.

They held events in Ukraine. Instagram post from September 5th, 2021, fewer than six months before the bombing.

From Berryland’s profile on Cider Is Wine:

Founded in 2017 by oenologist, Vitalii Karvyha, Berryland is a Ukrainian cidery, fruit winery and meadery located in Makarisvska Buda, near the country’s capital, Kyiv. The name reflects the abundance of fruits that grow in the land surrounding the town. Delivering taste is the ultimate goal as is being true to the fruits used, so the company only makes 100% juice, not-from-concentrate ciders, perries and fruit wines using top quality cultivated fruits from chemical-free company-owned orchards and farms, together with wild fruits. The honey used in the company’s meads is sourced from apiaries that use no antibiotics.

The apples that go into making the company’s ciders include Calvilla, McIntosh, Breedon Pippin, Antonovka, Aport, Renetta, Sharopay, Mela Limone and Spartan.

Liza Gacko paid them a visit:

The animals of Berryland:

Craft brewery bombed in Ukraine

This is the first post I spotted about the bombing on Instagram, from the Ukrainian store Лавка Традицій (@lavkasilpoua), translated: Bench of Traditions.

The first three photos are the consequences of the arrival of the “Russian world” in Makariv district in Kyiv region: this is where the production of vintage cider and drinking honey @berrylandcidery was located. In general, this is all that is left of him.

We know well the founder of the sidereal Vitaly, and how long he built the production. How he selected varieties of apples and pears for drinks and with what inspiration he invented new flavors. Berryland is each of our summer festivals, refreshing bubbles during lunch in Agromandra and many more pleasant moments from life, which are taken away by this senseless war.

But we believe in our victory and that we will soon rebuild the sideline together. And celebrate this with a glass of cider from the new harvest.

Everything will be Ukraine! And those who are guilty of this barbarism will pay in full.

Photos from Instagram:

Fortunately, the family and employees escaped injury. They cracked open some Red Currant sparkling Melomel to show some high spirits.

This looks very good.


The beehives survived the attack with only some damage.

Berryland doesn’t know when, but they plan to rebuild the cidery and meadery as soon as possible.

Tweets about Berryland

Worldwide support from craft brewers

More links

Article from Broken Palate: A Cidery in Ukraine Is Bombed by Russian Missles, Vitalli Karvyha lost his business last week and vows to rebuild

Visit the American Cider Association’s Help Rebuild Berryland page to follow their coverage.

Follow Berryland on Instagram (@berrylandcidery) and Facebook (@ciderua) for updates.

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