Farm Pills: pharma would love raw milk, if it were patentable

September 10, 2022

Article from the Guardian:

Miracle ‘farm dust’ pill could prevent childhood allergies, published September 4th, 2022

Basically, this is a raw milk pill.

One of the long running arguments for childhood consumption of raw milk is that it helps lay the groundwork for an allergy free life. The mechanism occurs through milk introducing probiotics, and easily consumable macronutrients for those probiotics, into the body.

If this theory is correct, then raw milk would be a reasonable recommendation for someone’s diet.

Instead, drug developers are now synthesizing the benefits of raw milk into a concentrated and (most importantly) patent-able format.

The FDA considers itself to have debunked this question. Legislators and lobbyists use the FDA’s position to perpetuate bans on raw milk.

We’ll see what the administration says when deeper pockets come to the table with something to sell you. If pharmaceutical companies can purchase raw milk to concoct potions, we should be too.

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