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Get raw milk in New York City

Get raw milk in New York City

Raw milk is legal for on-farm purchases, retail/ grocery store purchases, delivery and drop off reception in the state of New York.

View New York’s raw milk laws in the raw milk law library.

There isn’t much grazing land in NYC, but you can still get your hands on some good raw milk by purchasing from farms outside the city. Farms and herdshares can even deliver to your home address!

First you can take a look at the map. Green pins are farms and blue pins are retail or drop off locations where you can find raw milk.

Here’s the map of drop off locations in New York City.

Raw Milk Collective Drop Locations

Here’s a farm that delivers raw milk to drop points across New York City. You can place an order on their website and select which drop point to pick up your raw milk from.

Clearview Farm

Yonkers drop off location
Harlem drop off location
West Village drop off location
Maspeth drop off location
Brighton drop off location

Raw Milk Delivery Options

Here are some farms that ship into New York City.

These websites work just like any other e-commerce website, except you must become a member of the farm and pay a membership fee. Once you’re a member of their private membership organization, you can buy your raw milk and have it delivered to your address.

Dutch Meadows

Dutch Meadows also has drop off locations

Washington Heights drop off location
57 West drop off location
Chelsea drop off location
Ridgewood drop off location
West Hempstead drop off location

Miller’s Organic Farm

Amos Miller is currently engaged in a legal battle with the federal government for shipping his meat products across state lines. Get it while it’s good.

These are your options at this time. I will update this page as the situation develops. Otherwise, don’t hesitate to take a road trip and see some new terrain. Good luck!

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