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About version 3.0 is LIVE version 3.0 is LIVE

Get Raw Milk started as a WordPress website with a Google MyMaps iframe ported in. It was a very quick build that only served to share a map I built up for myself in the state of Washington.

People used it, so I started improving the website and eventually built out its own database so I could work with the information more flexibly and build cooler and more helpful features.

I’m proud to announce version 3.0. The design hasn’t changed much, but underneath is a much cleaner and more capable system than before. I’m excited that this will allow me to build even more cooler and more helpful features in the future.

New features

Here are some new features packaged in the update to GRM@3.0.

Light mode and dark mode

You’ll notice right away, the website now detects your device’s Light/Dark mode and delivers a corresponding viewing experience. If you would like to set the Light/Dark mode option yourself, there are light switches located in the header, header drawer, and footer.

Raw goat milk and raw sheep milk

To kick off this new build, I’ve added two pages: Raw Goat Milk and Raw Sheep Milk. These pages allow us to view the world map with only goat or sheep milk listings displayed.

Goat milk was the original almond milk, coconut milk, etc. Before the variety of imitation milks became trendy, many people who identify as lactose intolerant chose goat milk as a more digestible replacement to cow milk. Now it’s easier than ever for those who need it to find it.

View all raw goat milk sources

View all sheep milk sources

Caveat here is that it’s possible not all the farms and retailers in the database who provide raw goat milk and raw sheep milk are displayed. This is because I didn’t start tagging listings with ‘cow milk’ ‘goat milk’ or ‘sheep milk’ until I had accumulated over one thousand listings.

I’ve done some work to retroactively tag farms and retailers who produce or retail these products, but there might be a few I missed. If you notice a goat milk or sheep milk farm or retailer is not included on the respective map, please let me know by:

Existing listing, just not tagged: using the Flag/Update button on their existing listing page.

Farm not added yet: New Farm/Retailer Submission Form.

Idk if they have a listing, but they sell raw goat/sheep milk and they’re not on here“: New Farm/Retailer Submission Form

New ways to leave a tip is free to use, but it’s not free (or even cheap) to run. I’ve made it easier to leave a tip in support of this project by adding Apple Pay and Google Pay to the simple checkout on the Leave a Tip page.

Select or type in the amount you would like to tip, then tap the payment method of your choice to send a tip securely without manually filling out a bunch of information. I’ve tested this and it takes approximately three actions from the time you tap into the page on iPhone and Android.

Big thank you to everyone who has contributed to this project with information, encouragement, and cold hard milk money.


Blind people and damn-near blind people want raw milk too. Screen reader usage is on the rise, so in choosing the component library (tooling that creates buttons, inputs, etc) for the latest build I’ve chosen Chakra UI to increase accessibility on

This initiative requires some configuration on my part, and I don’t expect it to be implemented perfectly right away. If you are using a screen reader and face difficulties using the website, please let me know so I can use the new tooling to fix it.

Subscribe to emails

I’ve added a newsletter system to Get Raw Milk. If you’d like the latest updates related to raw milk and developments made in this project: subscribe to emails.

Database updated daily is funded by supporters like you

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