Idaho Department of Agriculture Raw Milk changes effective July 29th, 2021

August 5, 2021

Raw milk laws are changing in Idaho as part of Governor Brad Little’s Zero Based Regulation Executive Order. While “Zero Based” sounds a lot like something else we know a thing or two about, some of their changes appear to be more lenient.

  1. Monthly raw milk testing has been eliminated from the program.
  2. Labeling requirements for all raw milk products have been modified.
  3. The “Small Herd Exempt” and “Unlimited Raw” designations have been eliminated.
  4. Raw milk herds with more than 30 Animal Units must have a Nutrient Management Plan (NMP) approved by the Department.
  5. Submission of annual TB and brucellosis test results are no longer due on the one-year anniversary of the previous date.

This is a letter confirming the changes submitted to us by an Idaho raw milk farmer.

Read the back and forth under the “Stakeholder Comments” section on the Idaho Department of Agriculture’s website.

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