Recommended reading: How Big Margarine won its war on Irish butter

December 31, 2021

Link to article: The Great Margarine Swindle, How Big Margarine won its war on Irish butter by author Shane

Table of contents:

  • The Origins of Margarine
  • Margarine comes to Ireland
  • How the dairy industry responded to margarine
  • The Irish Department of Agriculture leads the charge
  • Margarine as a household good
  • Partition and Independence: how they affect the margarine market
  • Concern over margarine’s vitamin deficiencies
  • The impact of World War 2 and rationing
  • Margarine in the post-war era
  • Margarine morphs into spreads
  • Big Margarine conquers Irish dairy

Over 8000 words and 50,000 characters, all dense and good.

Great history lesson here on the treacherous and deceitful industrialized emptiness that is Margarine. Covers the events that led to fake butter eating into the Irish market. Big read, worth it.

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