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Washington bills to increase cottage food cap and allow direct-to-consumer raw milk sales

Washington bills to increase cottage food cap and allow direct-to-consumer raw milk sales

HB 1500 – Increasing the cap for cottage food sales

Title: Increasing the cap on gross sales for cottage food operations.

Sponsors: Representatives Eslick, Chapman, Jacobsen, Ramel, Leavitt, Walen, Peterson, Couture, Paul, Doglio and Macri.

Washington State HB1500 would increase the gross sales cap on cottage industry food producers from $25,000 per year to $50,000.

Washington Legislature: HB 1500 Bill Information

HB 1490 – Allowing direct-to-consumer raw milk sales

Description: Concerning direct sales of milk.

Sponsors: Representatives Orcutt, Chapman and Jacobsen.

Washington State House Bill 1490 would allow small scale raw milk producers to sell their raw milk direct-to-consumer.

Washington Legislature: HB 1490 Bill Information

Additional relevant bills

HB 1552 – Studying urban agricultural opportunities

Description: Directing the state conservation commission to conduct a study of urban agricultural opportunities and barriers in the state.

Sponsors: Representatives Reeves, Ramel, Springer, Gregerson, Fosse and Doglio.

Washington Legislature: HB 1552 Bill Information

HJM 4000 – Year of the Salmon

Description: Recognizing the international year of the salmon.

Sponsors: Representatives Lekanoff, Robertson, Ramel, Pollet, Reed and Doglio.

Washington Legislature: HJM 4000 Bill Information


February 3rd, 2023 – Livestream

HB 1500 to increase the cap on cottage food sales was reported out of committee with a Do Pass recommendation.

Timestamp 01:09:45:

January 27th, 2023 – Livestream

The Washington State House of Representatives Committee for Agriculture and Natural Resources heard both bills on January 27th, 2023. The full video session is available on the Washington Legislature website.

Click the link and one search listing will be shown for the hearing, full video link is on the right.

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