Cottonwood Creek Farm

Cottonwood Creek Farm has raw goat milk available in Wasilla, AK.

Mi. 7 Fairview Loop
Wasilla, AK
We are a small family farm dedicated to producing extraordinary milk from exceptional goats. Our clients get their raw goat milk, as well as kefir, yogurt and cheese, through our year-round herd share program, which is Alaska's legal method for obtaining raw milk. We have several driving co-ops whose Anchorage and Eagle River members take turns picking up weekly for the group. Our goats are fed local grass hay and alfalfa year- round, with access to a variety of browse during the summer. We supplement their diet with a corn-free/soy-free grain ration, sea kelp, and organically derived minerals. We routinely treat lactating or food-producing animals holistically, without antibiotics, hormones, or chemicals.

Please contact Cottonwood Creek Farm before paying them a visit to make sure they're in stock and available to help when you arrive.

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