Harris Homestead LLC

Raw Goat Milk
3231 NW Concord Church Rd, Greenville, FL

Harris Homestead LLC

Harris Homestead LLC has raw goat milk available in Greenville, FL.

3231 NW Concord Church Rd
Greenville, FL
(386) 561-0437
We have registered to sell raw goat milk marked "Not for Human Consumption per FL Law". The goats are milked into a closed system and the milk is then filtered while being bottled. The milk is quickly cooled to prevent the growth of bacteria in the milk. Our herd is wood pastured as well as having alfalfa free fed. The dairy herd is tested for CAE, CL and Johnnes. Packaged in spouted BPA free pouches. This assists in keeping air away from the product, therefore, increasing shelf life, are recyclable, and can be frozen easily laying flat taking less space. Farm is Greenville FL address but closer to being Lovett FL. Up on the GA border/NW of Madison. Master Feed License Z004936

Please contact Harris Homestead LLC before paying them a visit to make sure they're in stock and are available to help when you arrive.

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