Hedge Valley Farms

Hedge Valley Farms has raw cow milk available in Fall River, KS.

Fall River, KS
(620) 288-9496
There are a lot of people who want unprocessed (raw) milk for their health but raw milk isn’t available at the store, so we leave our fresh milk raw and our customers use it as a tool to restore their health. Hedge Valley Farms offers 100% grass-fed raw milk with cream from our Jersey cow, Mabel. Mabel is raised on pasture year-round and eats fresh grass each day (using a method called strip-grazing). Raw milk is only available in the warmer months when the grass is green for the most nutritious milk. Mabel’s calf is kept with her during the Spring and Summer while we milk once per day and is gently weaned in the fall. Raw milk with the cream is available as soon as Mabel calves in the Spring from the self-serve farm store. Visit our website for more information or to be notified when milk is available in the Spring.

Please contact Hedge Valley Farms before paying them a visit to make sure they're in stock and are available to help when you arrive.

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