Raw milk sales are outlawed in Wisconsin. Incidental sales are exempt, but restrictive. Read update for new hope.

Legal Links
97.24 Milk and milk products.
Source: Wisconsin State Legislature
Note: “The sale or distribution of raw or unpasteurized milk is illegal. The law exempts the ‘incidental sale’ of raw milk directly to a consumer at the dairy farm where the milk is produced, for consumption by that consumer (or the consumer’s family or nonpaying guests). But those sales are also illegal if done as a regular business, or if they involve advertising of any kind.”
Source: Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection
Questions and Answers relevant to raw milk from the WDATCP.

News Links
Raw milk gains an ally with the Wisconsin Farm Bureau
Source: Get Raw Milk
New hope for direct-to-consumer raw dairy sales as the Wisconsin Farm Bureau agrees to support ag policy improvements in 2023.

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