How to find raw milk online

October 8, 2022

So you’ve decided to get raw milk, good choice!

Raw milk can be found on grocery store shelves in a few US states, depending on your country, region, or state’s raw milk laws. For most people, in most places, raw milk is still scarce and you’ll need to search to find a farm or retailer.

Fortunately, there are now a variety of websites that can help you in your path to finding raw milk. I’ve listed the best websites for finding raw milk below.

Find raw milk on

Get Raw Milk grew from a small map of Washington state to the largest and most advanced raw milk finder on the Internet. Built from the ground up to be an easy and effective online highway towards a singular destination: finding unprocessed, non-homogenized, and unpasteurized raw milk sources worldwide.’s feature set includes a one-tap raw milk finder, a worldwide to local directory, and a search function to display your nearest raw milk farms and raw milk retailers.

This is an independent project, built and maintained by a long time consumer and supporter of the raw milk movement (est 2010). You can learn more about supporting Get Raw Milk here.

Real Milk has been around for over 20 years as part of the Weston A Price Foundation‘s advocacy for raw milk. Real Milk’s raw milk finder was originally like a phone book, organized by state, region, county, and city. Last year, 2021, was upgraded to include a visual map.

Since and both map out raw milk sources worldwide, operating independently, you might find more or less sources in your area depending on which website you use. If you can’t find raw milk on one, check the other.

Visit to view their map.

Weston A Price London

The Weston A Price chapter leader in London created a website with a visual map to help keep track of the hundreds of places to buy raw milk in the United Kingdom.

While many friends of Get Raw Milk have submitted raw milk farm and retailers in England, Wales, and North Ireland, you should also check their website as it may include many locations not added here.

Visit to view their map.

Raw Milk Ireland

Raw Milk Ireland is an directory of raw milk farms in Ireland, as the name implies. This project is based in Ireland and they maintain a directory of raw milk sources in the form of a directory.

Many Irish raw milk sources are listed on Get Raw Milk, but since Raw Milk Ireland is local to Ireland, you might want to check there as well in case they’ve listed a source closer to you that hasn’t been listed here.

Visit to view their directory.

Regeneration International

Regeneration International is a global initiative to promote regenerative agriculture through education and advocacy, they also have a farm directory.

Their Mission Statement:

To promote, facilitate and accelerate the global transition to regenerative food, farming and land management for the purpose of restoring climate stability, ending world hunger and rebuilding deteriorated social, ecological and economic systems.

Their directory includes a vast array of farms producing all kinds of food. You might be able to find a source of raw milk there too.

Visit to view their map.

Eat Wild

Eatwild was founded in 2001 to promote pasture-based agriculture.

From Eatwild’s website:

Eatwild was founded by Jo Robinson in 2001 to promote the benefits—to consumers, farmers, animals, and the planet—of choosing meat, eggs, and dairy products from 100% grass-fed cows, sheep, goats, and deer (“ruminant” animals), or pigs and poultry (“non-ruminants”) raised on pasture rather than in confinement.

Visit to browse their directory.


Loconomy’s mission is to promote local food systems.

From Loconomy’s website:

The goal of Loconomy is to build a localized, decentralized network between producers and consumers that promotes human-to-human connection and helps us to usher in an era of sustainability and resilient local communities.

Visit to view their map.

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