Whiteknight Dairy Farm

Whiteknight Dairy Farm has raw cow milk available in Orangeville, PA.

31 Hill Rd
Orangeville, PA
Whitenight Family Farm is a fifth generation farm. Our small family owned and operated dairy is milking a herd of registered Jersey, Ayrshire and Guernsey cows. The milking cows are housed in a bed-pack style barn with daily grazing in one of several lush, green pastures. We care for all our animals with respect and dedication to our Creator who has entrusted us with this responsibility. Fresh raw milk and raw milk cheese is made from the milk produced by our cows and is available 7 days a week open 24 hours, from our self-serve farm store. Our products are also offered at several off farm stores and markets around the area. Please call if interested in meeting and seeing our family and cows! -Melissa Whitenight

Please contact Whiteknight Dairy Farm before paying them a visit to make sure they're in stock and available to help when you arrive.

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