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Canadian farmer provides support in Ukraine

Canadian farmer provides support in Ukraine

Follow on Instagram: Paul Hughes and H.U.G.S. Ukraine

Facebook Group: H.U.G.S. Helping Ukraine – Grassroots Support

Donate to HUGS via PayPal – All money raised is sent directly to Ukraine to be distributed by Paul Hughes for relief efforts.

Long-time urban agriculture advocate goes to Ukraine

Paul Hughes is the founder of Grow Calgary in Canada, builder of the first earthship in North America, and a long term supporter of raw milk legalization in Canada.

Soon after the invasion of Ukraine began, Paul Hughes boarded a plane to Warsaw en route to Ukraine. He’s been there since the beginning, staying busy helping Ukrainians in their time of need.

Paul is a veteran of the Canadian light infantry and was expecting to fight.

H.U.G.S Helping Ukraine

Almost a year later, Paul and his son Mac Hughes are still there providing support in Ukraine.

Paul and HUGS recently celebrated 150 successful humanitarian missions.

Donate to HUGS via PayPal


Grow Calgary FB, Mar 4, 2022: Gone to Ukraine

For those who don’t know, Paul our senior farm manager and Grow Calgary founder is a veteran. Recently, he left to Ukraine to assist in the ongoing conflict and war occurring there. Everyone at Grow Calgary is thinking of him and those caught in the horrible cross-fire of war. If you would like to keep up to date with Paul and his time in Ukraine, follow him on Twitter @paulyhughes and Instagram @paulhughesyyc.

The farm will continue to run as usual and we will need lots of help from volunteers to keep our animals healthy and happy, and prepare for the 2022 growing season. Please contact us if you’re able to volunteer! Thank you so much for the ongoing support of Grow Calgary ❤️🌱

Calgary Herald, Mar 17, 2022: Calgarian in Ukraine helping refugees flee, foreign soldiers get to the front

CBC, July 6, 2022: Calgary aid worker helps build tiny homes for war displaced Ukrainians

Calgary Herald, July 27, 2022: ‘I thought this is it’: Calgary aid worker recounts harrowing detention by Russian soldiers

Calgary Herald, Dec 26, 2022: ‘Aged 10 years’: Calgarian looks back on 10 months of helping Ukrainians in war zones

Facebook: Ben Dusing video recommendation

Raw milk in Ukraine

Paul found some raw milk right away. He says raw milk is very common in Ukraine.

Check out the following article, about Agromol, a farm that sold raw milk and kefir in Kharkiv. This dairy was bombed in early 2022.

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