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Our logo, the Aurochs Bull

We're familiar with Jersey, Guernsey, Holstein, Brown Swiss, and other common cows. The Aurochs is the original proto-cow that led to all the breeds we know today, used here as a symbol of revival.

Credit to those who came before

This work would not be possible without the efforts of those who paved the way. Many of these sources were originally listed by RealMilk.com, a project by the Weston A Price Foundation. We wouldn't be here without the works of Sally Fallon, Mark McAffee, Aajonus Vonderplanitz, Joe Mercola, Joel Salatin, and many others; none of whom are directly affiliated with this project, but all are worth mentioning here.

Raw milk is the future

We are done accepting low quality food. We are done sacrificing our own health for the sake of someone else's expediency or profit. Our families deserve better, and we will to see to it that the best food possible is available to us. We have fought and won our right to raw milk in the majority of states, and now we are coming to take them all.

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