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List of enzymes found in unpasteurized raw milk January 20, 2021

Let’s get to know some of the enzymes that are found in unpasteurized raw milk. These are the nutritional enzymes that lose most if not all of their nutritional value during pasteurization.

Biden picks “Mr. Monsanto” for Ag Secretary, let’s recap why Monsanto sucks January 2, 2021

Biden has nominated Tom Vilsack, aka Mr Monsanto, to Agriculture Secretary of the US. Let’s review why Monsanto sucks.

Will an economic depression finally curb American obesity? December 28, 2020

Millions of people aren’t going to make it through the next few years without some sort of state and federal aid. Will this lead to more or less obesity in America?

Life as a subscription service, the goal of Science™ December 27, 2020

Imagine if your phone stopped working if you decided to delay or reject an update. Now replace the phone in this example with your lifestyle, and ultimately your life.

New Zealand Ministry shakes down nine undocumented raw milk farms December 24, 2020

Nine undocumented raw milk farms are under attack from New Zealand federal agencies, and health has nothing to do with it.

List of athletes failed by veganism December 18, 2020

Here’s a list of “vegan athletes” who have abandoned the vegan diet, gotten injured, have left their sport soon after, or were never actually vegan in the first place.

Chef! The Big Cheese December 13, 2020

Chef is looking for raw Stilton, an unprocessed and unpasteurized cheese. It’s also an illegal cheese, but that won’t stop him. Adventure ensues…

Raw eggs and biotin deficiency? December 7, 2020

Egg yolks contain more biotin than can be bound by the avidin in raw egg whites. We crunched the numbers, here’s an outline:

Canadian Raw Milk Hearings – November 2020 November 19, 2020

A constitutional challenge to Canada’s Raw Milk Ban will be heard in Canadian court November, 2020. Live-stream links and excerpts from Glencolton Farm’s (Michael Schmidt) GoFundMe page

Raw Milk Baby Formula November 19, 2020

Breastfeeding is optimal, but not always an option. We are fortunate to have raw milk baby formula recipes when breastfeeding is not an option.

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