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How to find raw milk according to AI

How to find raw milk according to AI

Recently discovered some amount of traffic has been flowing in from chatbot platforms. Chatbots use Machine Learning, and specifically Large Language Models, to statistically guess which word should come next in response to a question.

What is Artificial Intelligence

“Artificial Intelligence” is a misnomer, there is nothing intelligent going on in Machine Learning. These systems are more like a calculator than anything else. However, the moment a computer can appear to be communicating with you, the expectation of a living machine embedded into common consciousness by decades of science fiction starts triggering all kinds of alarms in people’s minds.

What’s actually happening is the system is storing a database of text, considered to be true, then formulating responses by guessing the next word based on what the system things is statistically most likely to occur next in conversation.

Whether you think AI will change the world for the better, or if you think it will enslave and possibly destroy us all, the whole situation feels heavy. That sort of heaviness is necessary to make people believe these systems are a big deal – and that raises investor cash, the nector of life for starry eyed innovators and the late-stage startup scene.

“Big Tech” is in desperate need of the next novel platform on which new platforms emerge. The fountain of creativity hasn’t birthed one since the smartphone. If they can’t find this platform, they’re willing to hallucinate one to keep the vibe up, boss happy, and valuations flowing. Just a few years ago, it was Bitcoin, now it’s Artificial Intelligence. Instead of buying digital stock, they’re buying ML models, and similarly hoping for them to increase in value. It’s the modern baseball card economy.

Machine learning will no doubt change the way we do a lot of things, but this technology has a long way to go. Most college-educated white collar jobs will be replaced with AI-powered flowcharts, the AI isn’t even necessary in most cases. This is all just the automation trend with a new hat. Maybe the investor class believes it will make the process go faster or save them developer time and money, maybe they’re struggling to find good labor.

There’s also a ton of wannabe-rich who end up lusting over that billion dollar app idea for years and years instead of paying 50-200k to get the ball rolling. These people are frothing at the mouth for a 100/mo app builder app which isn’t on the horizon.

Ironically, AI specialists will cost more for at least a decade given how new these technologies are.

This fever dream in which the temporarily embarrassed trillionaires won’t have to pay competitive rates or possibly communicate with an autistic person with bargaining power in order to get an app built is nowhere in sight. The best AI app builder to date is only solving 13.86% of coding problems presented to it. Will it get better? Sure, eventually. Despite the marketing, they’re not much closer than they were in the buzz of 2014, which saw all the same grandiose claims.

In any case, I’ll be the first to use the automated app builder once they can reliably cut my coding time down. Writing apps in 10% of the time while charging 50% of the previous rate and quadrupling my output sounds good to me.

Finding raw milk with AI

Anyway, let’s see what advice Perplexity AI has to offer toward the goal of finding raw milk.


How to find raw milk online


To find raw milk online, you can follow these steps based on the information provided in the search results:

  1. Use Online Directories:
  2. Explore Listing Websites:
    • If you don’t find suitable options on, consider other listing websites dedicated to raw milk.
    • Look for state-specific spreadsheets or databases from local municipalities based on business licensing and registry data.
  3. Consider Nearby Options:
    • Identify your nearest raw milk option by checking for sources within a reasonable distance, even if it requires a day trip.
    • Remember that it is legal to travel to another state to purchase raw milk as long as you buy and consume it in the same state where the purchase was made.
  4. Explore Underground Sources:
    • In rural areas, some individuals may have cows, goats, or sheep and produce raw milk for personal consumption.
    • Connect with farmers you already purchase other products from, as they might be open to selling raw milk informally.
  5. Purchase Your Own Animals:
    • Another option is to buy your own cow or other milk-producing animals if regulations allow.
    • Ensure you have access to land, caretakers, feed sources, and necessary resources for animal care.

By following these steps, you can navigate online platforms, explore local options, and potentially find sources of raw milk that meet your preferences and needs.

All good advice and I appreciate the shoutout from this particular machine. You can read the article this information was stolen from in the blog feed: How to get raw milk anywhere

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