Raw Milk Laws

State Legality
State Legality
Alabama No law on herd shares
Alaska Must "own" the animal
Arizona Retail and on-farm sales
Arkansas On-farm sales allowed
California County by county
Colorado Herd shares legal
Connecticut Retail and on-farm sales
Delaware Total buzz kill
District Of Columbia Buzz kill epicenter
Florida "Pet food" sales allowed
Georgia "Pet food" sales allowed
Hawaii Recent interference reported
Idaho Try to outlaw it at your own peril
Illinois On-farm sales legal
Indiana "Pet food" sales allowed
Iowa Buzz kill, check with the Amish
Kansas On-farm sales legal
Kentucky Literally requires doctor's note
Louisiana Buzz kill but with a southern accent
Maine Retail and on-farm sales legal
Maryland "Pet food" sales allowed
Massachusetts On-farm sales legal
Michigan Herd shares and some paperwork
Minnesota On-farm sales legal
Mississippi Apparently just on-farm goat milk sales
Missouri On-farm sales legal
Montana Herd shares permitted
Nebraska On-farm sales legal
Nevada Legal but prohibitive bureaucratic nightmare
New Hampshire Retail and on-farm, FSP maaaaaan
New Jersey Just no, New Jersey sucks
New Mexico Retail and on-farm sales
New York Try upstate, NYC is not an American city
North Carolina Herd shares and "pet food"
North Dakota Herd shares expressly permitted
Ohio Herd shares permitted
Oklahoma "Incidental" on-farm sales legal
Oregon On-farm sales with some gymnastics
Pennsylvania Raw Milk mecca, seriously
Rhode Island Requires a doctor's note
South Carolina Retail and on-farm sales legal
South Dakota On-farm sales legal
Tennessee Herd shares legal
Texas On-farm sales legal
Utah Retail and on-farm sales legal
Vermont On-farm sales legal
Virginia Herd shares legal and active
Washington Retail and on-farm sales legal
West Virginia Herd shares legal if you can find one
Wisconsin Food processor hegemony
Wyoming Google "WY Food Freedom Act"

Use due diligence, as always. I'll put more effort into the presentation of this data as time permits.

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